User Interface Design

Trustica Management System

Trustica is an enterprise solution for secure communication between trusted entities. Trustica Management System (TMS) is cybersecurity software designed to manage and secure Trustica smartphones. The client requested a modern desktop interface design for TMS.

My role was to work with C-suite stakeholders, lead the UI design effort, and guide developers to create the final product.


Based on high-level requirements from C-suite stakeholders, I created sketches and wireframes to explore various layouts and designs.


After various iterations and client discussions, the design direction below was chosen. This design utilizies colors, graphics, and assets from the Trustica Design system to ensure consistency and unity across multiple platforms and products.

Modular Design System

The TMS Design System was built to allow for scalability, so various components and assets will complement each other and render well on various screen sizes. Elements of this design system are utilized in the Trustica Mobile App, providing consistent user experience and conventions across both platforms.

A selection of elements from the design system are sampled below.

Developer Support

Design specs and assets were provided to developers along with ongoing support and guidance during the implementation processes.

Promotional Renders

Mockups and renderings of the Trustica Management System were designed to aid marketing and promotional efforts worldwide.

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